VMAX Course

Discover the formula for circuit performance from the best karting drivers. Come to the class on Saturday, 05.02.2022, between 09:00 – 11:00 AM and you can learn:
👉 Identify the ideal route and approach each turn accurately especially ↪️ the hairpin.
👉 How to use the boost button, where you need to brake and where you can press the accelerator to the maximum and much more …

What the course contains:
Track walk, where you will learn notions of piloting applied on the VMax circuit.
Then comes the practical part where you will implement what you learned in adult sessions.

The course takes place on Saturday, 05.02.2022, between 09:00 – 11:00 AM

Course price: 300 lei
Duration: 120 minutes
Age of participation: 16+
Number of participants: 20-24

300 lei

In stock

*O sesiune reprezinta 8 minute de race pe circuit

** Voucherele sunt nominale, nu pot fi folosite de mai multe persoane

***Ne rezervam dreptul de a selecta minorii care vor putea accesa sesiunile si karturile pentru adulti.

**** Minorii sub 16 ani trebuie insotiti in locatie de un parinte sau un tutore legal la prima sesiune.

***** Ne rezervam dreptul de a gestiona numarul de sesiuni JUNIOR si VMAX pe ora. Datorita numarului limitat de kart-uri si incarcatoare tip Junior nu putem rula mai mult de 2 sesiuni Junior pe ora, astfel sesiunile ADULT vor avea prioritate.

****** Voucherele sunt valabile in ambele locatii, VMax Cluj si VMax Bucuresti.

******* Voucherele se vor trimite prin mail.