By organizing dozens of private events at VMax, I learned what a perfect day on the circuit means.

Whether you want to organize your birthday or you want to give a loved one a surprise party, we have prepared for you a complete racing experience that includes a menu for all tastes in your own restaurant.

The VMax experience is close to an F1-like race, so at the end of the race you have a perfect award ceremony for your party, with champagne and a photographer.

All you have to do is contact us and we will take care of everything.


Is your business a race or a marathon?

In a race, performance is everything, the speed with which you can solve problems, the techniques you use to overcome the competition, energy and adaptability make the difference.

In a marathon, the strategy must be thought of in the long run. The ability to program a style of thinking in the mind of your team that will increase productivity through competition but that will keep the team spirit, will lead you to victory. After all, every F1 driver has a team behind him.

The VMax experience is perfect for dynamic companies that want performance and want to cultivate these values.

We are the only karting circuit in Bucharest that has the necessary spaces for team building, with a fully equipped restaurant with a capacity of 100 people, terrace and a complete space for presentations in the grandstand equipped with LCD panel.